Land-based Salmon:
Aquaculture's New Disrupter

Demand for farmed Atlantic salmon has never been higher. But the sector’s ability to meet this demand has been impacted by fish health challenges, tighter regulatory controls and the skyrocketing cost of acquiring new farming licenses associated with traditional netpen salmon farming operations. These challenges have opened the door for the emerging land-based salmon industry.

The new 126-page IntraFish Business Intelligence report takes a deep analytical dive into the developing land-based salmon sector, examining the companies involved, the investors backing them, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

This report includes:

Exclusive Interviews

Insight from CEOs, analysts, financial backers and lenders, including Atlantic Sapphire, Nordic Aquafarms, AquaCon, Dongwon, Cargill, Skretting, Andfjord, Rabobank, DNB, Pareto, AquaMaof, Billund, The Freshwater Institute and more.

Risks, Challenges, Financing

Expert analysis of the risks and challenges facing the sector, from equipment failure to off-flavor issues to high CAPEX. Overview of key sources of financing for land-based salmon farming projects, including private equity, venture capital and public markets.

Company Profiles

In-depth profiles of more than 75 land-based salmon projects underway around the world.

Costs: Netpens vs. Land-Based

Does it cost more to raise a kilo of fish in a traditional netpen or a land-based facility? A new analysis explores the current cost comparison and estimates future costs.

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